About Tim and Latrice

We are a family and wedding photography company based in Fredericksburg, VA. We are a husband and wife team that enjoy love what we do! We are blessed to be the parents of our two amazing young boys. 

 Tim purchased his first camera before the birth of our first son. This is when his passion for photography began! He began taking photos any and everywhere he went. It became his goal to learn everything he could about this art. After numerous equipment upgrades, photography workshops, lots of research, and TONS of practice behind the camera and editing on the computer, TLC Images, LLC was born!

As your photographer, it is our job to capture memories that will last a lifetime! We have a friendly and creative energy that makes our clients feel comfortable during their sessions. We have an eye for detail and are able to balance out fun and professionalism. 

Thanks for stopping by! We look forward to hearing from you soon!